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Loginserver:  Online
Gameserver: Online

Server: Murderers Online
Players: ~144 of 4000 are online!

[Written at 2018/2/14]
Update info

- Gold drop [Increased]

- FGW Books [Increased]

- Immortal stones [price changed from 100MC to 500PK]

- Medusa Removed from Entrance of Jangan cave

- D14 items [Decreased] from 300PK - 20JC to 100PK & 10JC

- Job system Tested

- Job System Tutorial Recorded and soon will be Available


Game Team


[Written at 2018/2/10]

[Written at 2018/2/10]

[Written at 2018/2/5]
Grand Open

[Written at 2018/2/9]
Be ready for our Grand Opening Tomorrow in 7:00 PM